PUBG: New State Users Are Saying The Game Is Bricking Their Phones: What Krafton Says

PUBG: New State, the latest game from Krafton, the developer of the famous PUBG Mobile game launched the new version of its famous Battle Royale game earlier this week. Soon after its rollout, PUBG: New State users have started reporting a “bricking issue” where the game is bricking smartphones it is running on. Krafton has acknowledged the complaints and said that it had done “sufficient testing prior to the official launch. The company also noted that it had confirmed smooth functionality of the game. Krafton did not give any explanations as to what may have been causing this bricking issue that was reported by some users soon after the launch of the game. Users have also reported about an issue where users can easily bypass the age verification prompt and can play the game even if they’re below the permissible age.

Krafton, in a response to NDTV Gadgets 360, said that it had sufficient testing on mobile devices with similar specifications to the Samsung Galaxy S7 or models with as low as 2GB of RAM and has confirmed the smooth functionality of the game. The company has, however, not yet stated if it is looking into the issue and possibly come up with a fix. Many users, soon after the game was launched, said that PUBG: New State bricked their devices after it prompted them to sign in either as a guest or using a social media account. Some users reported that the problem was largely on devices running on Android 12, but there is no solid verification over this.

Alongside the problems that users initially faced, PUBG: New State’s age verifications is also reportedly easy to bypass, a report in India Today indicated. The game shows a prompt where users need to confirm that they are 18 or above. However, if a user taps “No,” it proceeds without asking for any further details. This is much more lenient than Battlegrounds Mobile India’s procedure that requires users to add a guardian’s phone number if they are under 18 and want to play the game. Krafton introduced the parental consent feature with the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) earlier this year to address the concerns around minors playing the game.

PUBG: New State was launched on November 11 and comes as a futuristic version of PUBG Mobile. The game takes the famous Battle Royale experience into a futuristic setup, based in 2050.