Apple Now Allows You To Scan For Sneaky AirTags

Apple recently launched the beta 2 versions of the iOS 15.2. The new update brings a whole bunch of modifications and upgrades to various applications and system-related programs. Among the bunch is a feature that can let you detect some sneaky AirTags, that might be implanted on you for malicious purposes.

AirTags, which are small white pucks that are attached to things in order to let users track their belongings were launched in April. However, sometimes, these tracking pucks can also make your location and privacy vulnerable and allow others to track you, which by the sound of it can be very scary.

In the new update, Apple has made some tweaks to the Find My app and added a new option in the “Items” tab, reports MacRumours. The new option is titled, “Items That Can Track Me.”

If a user is suspicious or curious in general, they can tap on the option, and the app will display all the devices belonging to someone nearby. This Unknown Items feature, after detecting the devices, also provides you with instructions to deactivate/ disable the device so that it can no longer trace you.

Another tweak that the company has made to the app is that it has transformed the “Identify Found Item” option to “Help Return Lost Items.” However, the function remains the same, it will allow a user to connect with nearby devices and connect with the device’s owner so as to return a lost item.

Apple, along with giving users the ability to look for devices nearby and disable them, provides insight into the data which the user, knowingly or unknowingly, is sharing with a third-party application. Under the “App Privacy Report,” users can access the exact data which is being shared by applications, even if it is an Apple app.

The Beta 2 version is currently rolled out for registered developers, meaning the update will only show on phones registered under the iOS 15 Developer Beta Profile. It will be released for the general user base soon.