Nightclub staff share strangest items found at closing time including Yorkshire puds

Most of us know the pain of waking up the morning after a night out to find that we misplaced something important in our drunken state.

But while many of us will have simply lost a lipstick or forgotten which bag we left our keys in, one nightclub has revealed some people leave behind vital everyday items – including mobile phones.

The Garage in Glasgow posted a video on their TikTok, @thegaragegla, in which employees donned plastic gloves and went around the club at the end of the night to pick up items left on the floor by clubbers.

First on the list was someone’s phone charger, followed by “endless passports” from people showing their ID to get in, as well as a super stylish puffer jacket.

The staff also found a tiny pack of playing cards for “some late-night entertainment”, as well as several pieces of jewellery, a bottle of perfume, and a tampon.

Among the strangest items left behind was an old iPhone with a severely cracked screen, and one shoe.

Commenters on the TikTok video were baffled by some of the items seen in the clip, and were particularly stunned by the lone shoe – as they couldn’t understand how the footwear’s owner wouldn’t realise something was missing.

One person wrote: “I will never understand how someone loses ONE shoe.”

While another agreed, adding: “I don’t go to night clubs so I’m going to need someone to explain how you lose one shoe?”

And a third posted: “I just know the panic those people felt when they woke up to a lost passport.”

Other commenters shared things they’d found at the end of a night at their own local nightclub – with some even weirder additions.

Someone said: “I once found an entire Jenga game.”

A different user commented: “I once found a full 12 pack of Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire puddings.”